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Emergency Preparedness

Fire protection and Safety

Written fire procedures approved by the local fire department must specify each staff member’s duties in the event of a fire.

Each staff member must be instructed as to his/her responsibilities in the event of a fire before commencing employment.

Written fire procedures must be posted in a conspicuous place in each room.

A fire drill must be conducted at least once a month. However, for school-based licensed programs serving kindergarten children and older (e.g. third party programs), a fire drill must be conducted at least three times per school term. If the program is operating during the summer term, a fire drill must be conducted at least three times or once a month, whichever is less.

A place of emergency shelter must be designated in the event the child care centre is evacuated.

Written records must be kept for all fire drills, and with the exception of child care centres located in a school, for all tests of the fire alarm system (e. g. smoke alarms and/or sprinkler systems) and all tests of fire protection equipment (e. g. fire extinguishers). Each record must be retained for at least 12 months from the date of the drill and test.

Wall with posted emergency evacuation instructions highlighted


Section 68 of Ontario Regulation 137/15 – General


Record of Fire Drills

Province of Ontario - Office of the Fire Marshall

Telephone emergency list 

An accessible up-to-date list of emergency telephone numbers must be posted near each telephone. It must include the telephone numbers of:

  • emergency services
  • the nearest poison control centre; and
  • a taxi service.

Child care entryway with list of telephone emergency numbers highlighted


Section 69 of Ontario Regulation 137/15 - General


List of Emergency Telephone Numbers