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CCEYA Self-Test

Test your knowledge and understanding of provincial licensing requirements for child care centres by taking the Child Care and Early Years Act, 2014 Licensing Standards Self-Test. The self-test can be accessed by child care supervisors and licensees through the Child Care Licensing System or by child care staff and the general public through this website.

Self-Test for Supervisors and

Self-Test for Supervisors and Operators

In order to access the self-test through the Child Care Licensing System, you must be a child care supervisor or licensee and have a One-Key account. Log into the system to track your answers.

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Self-Test for Child Care Staff and
General Public

Self-Test for Child Care Staff and General Public

There is no registration for the self-test when taken through the website. All questions for each topic must be answered correctly before exiting the web browser to complete the self-test. The self-test will take approximately one hour to complete. An individualized printable certificate is available to those who successfully complete the self-test.

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